*Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy is an improvised tragi-queer film about an older gay man who was once the (caviar and) toast of the gay rave scene. We follow him as he takes care of residences in a high-rise Johannesburg suburb, overrun with old Jewish ladies and gay men. Taunted and rejected by the object of his affections, he takes refuge with a genderqueer photographer. His life gets a whole lot messier. Director Dean Hutton unveils a brand new edit of this short film shot on an iPhone in 8mm app.

Director/Editor: Dean Hutton
Starring Myer Taub and Brian Webber
Featuring Luan Nel, John Trengove, Stanimir Stoykov, Kieron Jina, and Matthew Krouse

Out in Africa gay and lesbian film festival
Not gay as in happy QUEER as in fuck you FILM FESTIVAL


“Queer cinema often celebrates excess. Nadine Hutton’s Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy celebrates extreme experimentation. This film will never be what you might want it to be. It is a celebration of irony and camp, in which every movement, every word, seems to make fun of life lived within ‘quotation marks’, a state well known to anyone who has been inside the hetero-normative closet. It has no heart-warming Hollywood moments, great original score, skilled method actors, clear storyline, carefully plotted narrative arc or satisfying conclusion. Its protagonist is unbearable and the villains far more entertaining.” Kai Lossgott, Art South Africa. read Art South Africa big review

“Over at the Out in Africa gay and lesbian film fest, there’s a remarkable short movie that is also, in its way, a horror flick — Memoirs of a Killarney House Boy by Nadine Hutton, who has worked as a photographer on this paper and for others. Here she’s made a movielet on an iPhone, and it also looks bloody good.
The strangeness of the colours produced by the phone give the short an eerie, dreamlike quality from the start. They are a bit Lomo and also a bit like faded Technicolor, where the grass is turning a slightly sickly blue.
Myer Taub plays the house boy of the title, and we follow his brief trajectory through the high-rises of this Jo’burg suburb as we trace a path from absurdist melancholy to horror farce. Various other artists and artistes of Jo’burg Queer assist Hutton in registering this bleakly amusing vision (Brian Webber is Nadine Hutton), and it’s okay if you choke a little when you laugh.” Shaun De Waal, Mail & Guardian

“Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy, directed by Nadine Hutton sees the artist explore gay culture. Her motivation is deeply personal, as she explores liminality from the inside - approaching the subject matter from a deep intimacy in relation to gay identity, individuals and communities. By focusing the lens on what is intimate to her, she allows the viewer to see the commonalities between the liminal and the norm - a process that highlights “the humanness, which everyone shares despite the language of identity and oppression, or marginalisation and distinction,” Steyn du Toit, Cape Times

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