Transitions: in search of an authentic queer by Dean Hutton

Dean Hutton takes a tool, as domestic an object as an iPhone and implies and transforms it into both witness and mirror. The accessibility of her tool reflects another interest: in making art that is utterly consumable, simply and beautifully bridging the gaps between artist, subject and the audiences‘ relationship to us.

Her iPhone travels with her wherever she goes and Dean’s adventures take her everywhere: Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Cape Town and back to Johannesburg. This journey unfolds before us at the Goethe-Institut gallery in an installation, comprising of photography, video and performative media to create intimate public portrayals generated by this new media technology with both instant and more considered use of social media, blogging, Twitter and Facebook. Dean explores how these new avenues have changed how we interact as communities; how we physically live on an international stage in the virtual; and, how these media possibilities have also empowered the liminal voice to shout, to be, without restriction.

Dean’s work speaks a lot about not being restricted or confined. And that challenge in her gaze, as a photographer, participant, performer and voyeur is evident in this body of work, #Transitions: in search of an authentic queer. This exhibition is an exploration of queer visual culture in South Africa and further afield, located within the global narrative by collaborating with queer artists who are also identifying, exploring and creating their ‚bodies of work‘ in transition. Of all the so-called ‚disadvantaged‘ or ‚minority‘ groupings existing in a liminal space, queer has one of the most, if not the most, explosive creative voices, most likely because it has birthed itself by being voiced.
Dean Hutton, 2014

The Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg presented #Transitions by Dean Hutton as part of the Joburg Photo Umbrella festival 19.11.2014 - 28.1.2015

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