A collaboration between Dean Hutton, Anna Christina Lorenzen, Jill Richards, Jaco Van Den Heever and Alberta Whittle. In The Cradle, we present a series of performative gestures, which address the implications of occupying the South African landscape. The installation will sit somewhere between documentary, ethnographic study and fiction. The whiteness of Van Den Heever’s and Lorenzen’s skin identifies them as non-belongers or invaders, but with the international branding of South Africa as a ‘rainbow nation’, can they ever become part of this land? Whittle’s brown skin identifies her as ’coloured’, again evidence of a hybrid, not necessarily ‘African’ body, can she ever belong? 2014 intends to be a vast celebration of South Africa’s 20 years of democracy, but how democratic are we? Does everyone belong? How comfortable are we, with this ‘rainbow nation’ title? And who exactly are ‘we’?

We present a series of staged scenarios, which are un-choreographed yet rooted in our collective consciousness of certain societal rituals and art history. Portraying a series of constructed realities, we propose to present a multidisciplinary installation, incorporating sculpture, prints, performance, photographs and video, relating to our experiences performing at the Cradle of Humankind.

First shown at The Bag Factory Artist Studio’s in April 2014.