A collaboration between Toni Morkel, Dean Hutton, Fred Koenig, Ebrahim Medell, Mmakgosi Kgabi, and Roberto Pombo. Photographs & Video by Dean Hutton. Commissioned by the 2012 Grahamstown National Arts Festival, in participation with the French Season in South Africa, the artists workshopped a series of public art perfomances and travelled by road through South Africa, stopping to perform and intervene in small towns.
Nounouche meets a troupe of out-of-work freak show artists and invests in the troupe, taking them on a wide ride through the country as Nounouche, The Sideshow. For the research period a life size Nounouche was taken on several journeys in and around Johannesburg, where she performed with other characters, and interacted with members of the public, in search of a narrative. What became most apparent is the desire of the public, who were being performed to, to perform. Moving from subject to object, audience to performer, challenging perceptions of the other.
Nounouche, The Installation was exhibited at Point Ephemere in Paris, France at the Jerkoff Festival in September 2013 as part of South African Season in France.