A photographic and video art exhibition by Nadine Hutton
5 – 29 September 2012


I, JOBURG presents a selection of Nadine Hutton’s photographic and video work. The exhibition showcases the artist’s previous and ongoing projects, by presenting the contexts in which she works, lives, loves and creates. The exhibition will also include the premiere of “Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy”, a seminal work in Nadine’s ongoing disruption of benign heteronormativity.

Nadine menacingly documents the city and captures fragments of her experience and instigates staged settings in which she allows the opportune moment and improvisation to guide her carefully crafted compositions.

The trajectory of the exhibition is also about the transitions in Nadine’s work – a move from the public into the private and from the private by making it public. It is about the passage from the documentary sensibility, which informs her style, to the realms of the intimate, theatrical and/or display of the queer. It is all about the odd moment in as much as about the pause before the moment, and its ultimate capture of it.

She refers to her work as “mediated” – as a shift from being the observer to becoming a participant, no longer hiding behind a lens in the use of her tool – the iPhone. Shooting becomes more about the composition and the image than the technicalities involved, and immediacy is also translated in her capacity to instantaneously share.

I, JOBURG is an amalgamation of cacophony, spirituality, melancholy, sexuality, absurdity, silence, friends and lovers, aspirations - in essence the poetry of her social and personal commentary, through the use of the still and moving image.
A limited edition catalogue will also be available as part of the exhibition, featuring texts by Myer Taub, Lesley Perkes, Germaine de Larch and poetry by Philippa Yaa de Villiers.

  • Airbrush
  • Bear
  • #classifythis
  • Eibie
  • The man, the city.
    The man, the city.
  • Transitions #Germaine
    Transitions #Germaine
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    zoo city


Nadine Hutton is known as a photojournalist and a practicing photographer and performance artist. Nadine’s work is concerned with social, political and gender related issues. She was the Chief photographer at the Mail & Guardian and has won several awards during 15 years as a photojournalist.
Nadine Hutton menacingly documents the places she occupies, be it the city as a physical, social and political space as well as exploring queer visual culture in South Africa and locating it within the global narrative by collaborating with queer artists who are also identifying, exploring and creating their ‘bodies of work’ in transition.
The word ‘queer’ has been, and is still, used mostly in a pejorative manner. The artist is interested in how reclaiming and empowering the word has contributed to the shift in agency of the group, as if somehow calling yourself queer is a statement of intent. It is undoubtedly a statement of intent for Nadine. Identifying as queer somehow allows you to re-harness the power that has been used against you, allows you to reposition yourself in relation to that power, thereby strengthening your potential to be yourself. The role that power plays in this concept of individuation necessarily places reclamations and creations of queer identities in flux in the social world.
As a social being, Nadine’s work has always – and perhaps always will – explored stories of many other liminal communities. The trajectory of Hutton’s queer work is deeply personal, as she explores liminality not from outside, but from the inside, from a space of deep intimacy in relation to queer identity, individuals and communities, making this work much more collaborative and co-creative.


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