• Goldendean at Chale Wote 2015, Accra, Ghana. Photo by Pule Welch.

Goldendean broke the internet in Ghana!,” Mantse Aryeequaye, Chale Wote’s founder and co-director.

Goldendean joined the #JHBMASSIVE temporary collective to participate in Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Jamestown, Accra, Ghana and performed in a small shop owned by the Hansen family before joining Ghana/Togolese artist Crazinist and Italian anthropologist and performer Natascia Silverio in a procession to Bible House followed by frenzied mobile photographers.

As individual artists – performers, visual artists, musicians, designers, archivists, linguists – all the members of JHB Massive have built names on both the South African and international arts scenes. We have in common, however, a burning desire to push back against the narrative that says that being the top dog in your field is the ultimate achievement. We have all been asking ourselves whether we can’t be better artists, bigger contributors to the Arts in Africa and the rest of the world, more powerful leaders…if we act TOGETHER.

JHB Massive is a movement of likeminded artists who believe in collaboration over competition. It is a movement bigger than its individuals, and we do not claim to be the originators of it. What we DO claim is to be the largest and most diverse group of artists to attempt a cross-border collaboration of this kind. And we aim to fully capitalize on our collective skills, practices, profiles and experience to achieve the first in an infinite number of possible collaborative projects.

JHB Massive participated in Chale Wote Street Arts Festival in Jamestown, Accra, Ghana in August 2015. Our works responded to the Festival’s exhilarating theme - AFRICAN ELECTRONICS - and included some projects already in existence transposed for the Festival, as well as some brand new works, all interdisciplinary, all collaborative.