Dean Hutton with Zanele Muholi and members of Faces and Phases, at Yitha Laba intergenerational queer conversations in Johannesburg in June 2015. Dean presented their work and discussed issues from the personal to the political.

Dean Hutton, (b. 1976, ZA) is a genderqueer artist in Joburg interested in portraiture as co-authorship; social media as narrative; technology as self-reflection and provocation. Dean is exploring ways in which to build a love revolution, from their more personal work, to creating relationships and gathering collaborators to make our public and intimate spaces safer through artist-led creation, mentorship and community organising.

Dean works across photography, video, social media, performance and community action. They were chief photographer of the Mail & Guardian, a Ruth First Fellow, one of the 200 Top Young South Africans, was awarded an Africa Centre AIR Award & is a POPCAP ‘15 runner up. Dean co-curated the #notgayasinhappy #QUEERasinfuckyou Film Festival in June 2015, and is on the organising committee of the Hillbrow public arts festival. Solo shows @ Goethe JHB; FNB Joburg Art Fair; Pt Ephemere, Paris & ROOM. Dean was a director of The Con magazine, an anti-media media platform founded as a response to the South African media’s unchecked and unacknowledged race, gender and class bias.

In a 18-year career as a photojournalist in Johannesburg Dean was chief photographer at the Mail & Guardian newspaper where their work won several awards. As a photojournalist their interest is directed towards an in-depth documentation of stories that may not necessarily seem newsworthy. Much of Dean’s work is concerned with social issues, and includes the rights of women, queers and the dispossessed, and giving voice to those who are rarely heard above the furore of mainstream media coverage and middle class indignation. They have worked extensively and collaboratively with art projects and artists locally and internationally.

2point8 is a photojournalism, video and design company formed by Dean, focusing on pursuing novel ways of telling South Africa’s stories – servicing the media, corporate and art industries with photography, video and innovative web design solutions. They have also directed several successful social media campaigns including the Rise and Fall of Apartheid exhibition social media strategy. Dean has trained and mentored young photographers throughout their career because representation matters.

As a filmmaker, Dean Hutton has been selected for prestigious film festivals including the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Milan, The International Black Documentary Festival, San Francisco Transgender Film Festival,MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival and most recently the Out in Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Dean Hutton’s work is found in various public and private, local and international collections.

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Dean Hutton identifies as Genderqueer and the only appropriate prounouns they accept are “they”, “them” and “their”.