• The Ark.
    The Ark.

    For many years Wally Hill (52) lived the hard day’s night. Addicted to the good time when he arrived in Johannesburg from Rhodesia in the late 70’s, he was soon addicted to pinks. He shared needles and sexual partners at the all night orgies he found himself involved in. It was during this time that the virus made its acquaintance with him. “I cannot turn to anyone to blame.” His life spiralling out of control, he was referred to The Ark Christian Ministry’s shelter. There with the “help of the Bible” and their volunteer counsellors he began getting his life together again. In 1996, his health deteriorating, he had a blood test and came up positive for HIV. Wally passed away in 2004.

Dean Hutton (formerly Nadine Hutton) is a photojournalist who moves beyond the constraints of still imagery, and also practices as a visual artist in video, installation, intervention and performance art. Much of her work is concerned with social issues.